The war in Ukraine is also disinformation warfare!

The #RAI in Italy had an interview with Zelensky which was later twisted using biased translations by #Visegrad24 – which is an #Orban propaganda group – and is sparking outrage.

Visegrad24 plays on the Anglophone myths of French collaboration during World War II to portray Macron as a current Pétain. The idea is to promote cynicism & excuse Orban’s support of Putin (look at Macron, he does the same thing…)

Likewise, the Murdoch-owned British press is obsessed with smearing Macron for being their Brexit bogeyman. Macron’s “collaboration” is also used to reinforce the Churchillian myth promoted by populist leader Boris Johnson to save his own skin.

What annoys me is that some of you, you know who you are, have joined this campaign of Macron bashing and retlenlessly posted your indignation, after falling for this lie. How can you be aware of what is happening in Russia, Brexit for some, and not see what it is also a manipulation of Russia to smear France, and divide the EU, because this is what is happening here, France and Germany have been the target of anti-EU disinformation for years (and for good reason, the two countries are strong pillars of the EU), and their unity has hugely annoyed both the UK and the anti EU propagandists

Once again, you have to have lived in the UK to know how constant, disgusting and skilful the French and German bashing by all the Murdoch newspapers (pro Brexit anti EU) was. I saw it, firsthand, unfolding for 4 years, where I read horrors about my country, where I suffered verbal attacks on our “collaboration” etc.

Demonising Macron because you were too lazy to read an article, without checking what was said by EM,or because you don’t like him or he gets on your nerves a bit), and slagging him off, it’s playing into the hands of those you’re fighting so hard, the Putins and the Orbans, those who want the EU dead, keep it up, you’re helping them sowing the seeds of  the anti-European sentiment, you’re stirring division even more, in short, you provide them with ammunition.

In a nutshell, you are working against France and your country, and I do not thank you for that. I’m not making anything up, I do a lot of research as always and if there’s one thing I know well for 5 years, it’s this  orchestrated mass manipulation to destabilize the EU, and the war in Ukraine is first and foremost a war of disinformation .

This is what he really said, and which was (deliberately) misinterpreted, and which made the front page of an article by Politico Eu,  and has succeeded in having everyone banging  on the President for days, from Kasparov to Zelinsky and other international big names.

In a speech at the closing ceremony of the Conference on the Future of Europe on Monday, Macron said Europe must “never give in to the temptation of humiliation, nor to the spirit of revenge. ”, regarding Russia’s war against Ukraine. The French president also said “when peace returns to European soil, we will have to build new security balances”. The reference was read as an indication that Macron was still seeking to reach a compromise with Putin. (read as = misunderstood, misinterpreted)


The real quote is therefore in the last sentence, read as (which means in English, interpreted as and , in this case, distorted). So you have here a perfect example of how the media manipulates the opinion and the consequences that this can bring.


You can even lead a country into war using disinformation.

And Putin and his cronies are working hard to destabilise Western democracies,

This war isn’t just about invading Ukraine. It’s about destabilisation of the West.

F*ck up their economies and get them in-fighting over everything.

And he’s succeeding. Inflation rampant, raw materials rocketing in price , food shortages in many areas.

And everyone fighting over sanctions. Cut off the gas! But Germany and many other countries need the gas. And the oil.

And if we do stop importing Russian fossil fuels, they will sell it all to China and India so they won’t lose a penny. But we will tear ourselves apart over it.

Western economies are on a knife edge after covid and Putin has given us a huge push.

And the amount of disinformation, bias, half truths to fit different agendas etc is huge and Putin and his allies, (amongst others for sure) are all ensuring that we don’t hear the truth, but we do hear their lies.

The only truth we need to know is that “they” are f*cking with us and “they” aren’t just Putin.

It is therefore always up to you to check everything you read on the internet, because it is a cesspool that is getting more and more stinky every day.